Study Material package vs Video Course

In Study Material package, you have to READ the course. It is in lucid and easy-to-understand language. It does not include videos. You may ask any of the doubts that you face while reading the content and we will resolve that doubt.

The study material is in soft copy in the form of slides and not in hard copy.
Other than full GATE syllabus coverage, Study Material package includes:
Question Bank (fully solved 1000+ questions)
Doubt Solving
Revision Course

On the other hand, in Video Course, you have to WATCH pre-recorded videos online. Here also, you may ask us any of the doubts while watching videos.

Like Study Material package, this does not include Question Bank or Revision Course. You have to purchase them separately.

Doubt Solving support?

Exergic Premium Group can only be accessed by Video Course students. Premium Group provides unlimited doubt solving and Premium webinars for time-to-time guidance. However, Study Material package users can only ask doubts related to the slides that they are reading. They will not be added to the Premium Group. They can ask their doubts within the Exergic Study Portal.

Which course contains Question Bank and Revision Course?

For Video Course, you have to purchase Question Bank and Revision Course separately. Question Bank and Revision Course are included in Study Material package only.

Can I buy both Study Material package and Video Course?

Yes. You will avail a Limited time Discount worth Rs. 2000/- if you purchase both. To get the discounted payment link, mail us at
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