To extend the validity of your current course, a fees will be applicable. Details of which are shared below.
You have to mail at to get the payment link.

Extending Study Material package
For 1 month: ₹ 499
For 2 months: ₹ 998
For 3 months: ₹ 1,497
For 1 year: ₹ 5,499

Extending Full Video Course (1 year / 2 years)
For 1 month: ₹ 1,499
For 2 months: ₹ 2,999
For 3 months: ₹ 4,799
For 1 year: ₹ 16,999

For extending courses for more than 3 months, you will have to repurchase it for next one year.
Extension is only possible before your course expires. After course expiry, we can not process extension requests.
If you want to extend just few subjects of Video course and not all subjects then you have to individually purchase those subjects. Partial extension is not possible.
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