Refund will be provided in case you are not satisfied with the product. Though, in no case would you be eligible for a full refund; the commission of our payment integration partner will be deducted. To get refund, eligible users can mail us your personal details, details of the course you enrolled for, and a valid reason for refund request.

You will not be eligible for refund in these cases:
If you claim for refund after 3 days of purchase.
In our software, we are able to see your activity log and how much course you have accessed. So, if we notice any suspicious activity from your account, you will not get refund in any case.
If you fail to provide any valid reason for refund. We will analyse the reason you mentioned and if we can do those changes in our courses to improve your experience, it will be done.
You will not get refund if you simply choose to give up exam preparation or you do not wish to use the course anymore.
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